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To Chrome or Not to Chrome 
Beam him uuuuup
I just downloaded Google Chrome. This may be the worst thing that has happened to me in a very long time. It's soooo slick.

But I miss Firefox already.

What to do.
01.09.11 (UTC)
i made the switch to chrome about.... six months ago. at first i would get a little frustrated with it and went back to firefox a couple of times, but now i like it enough and more importantly i am used to it enough to keep it. at work though, i use firefox still on those computers.
01.09.11 (UTC)
It's a bit strange, but everything that I liked about Firefox is here. It took me foreverrrr to figure out how to 'save' tabs though. Also some of the extensions are pretty awesome.
01.09.11 (UTC)
I think I have similar feelings. I want Chrome, but I'd feel like I was abandoning Firefox. Poor Firefox. I'm not even going to try. ;p
01.09.11 (UTC)
Try iiiiit. It's so amazing. I might be in love.
01.09.11 (UTC)
...I still use IE. I am not cool ):
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