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nothing lasts forever;
but shakespeare and the beatles
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12.28.10 - new schedule.
Beam him uuuuup
  11-2 Construction II (C459)
  8-10 Fabric Analysis (C449)
  12-3 Torso Drafting (C461)
  3-6 Design & Colour (C543)
  11-2 Construction II (C459)
  2-5 Computer Skills for Fashion Management (C434)
  8-10 Technical Specs. & Development (C426)
  1-4 Torso Drafting (C461)
12.28.10 - well
Beam him uuuuup
I am converted.

I just watched RED.

Karl Urban is fucking HOTTT. That man can wear a fucking suit.
12.26.10 - what.
Beam him uuuuup

12.25.10 - best wishes
Paul w/ Glasses!

Beam him uuuuup
Bored. Bored. Bored.

And I can't watch Misfits (Tarzi, it's amusing so far, 1 episode in.) because my sister hovers and it's not a kids show.

Still no Christmas feelings.
Beam him uuuuup
  • Finished reading book one and two of Percy Jackson. They're really quick, really amusing reads. (Even if the characters are stupid. I mean, how do you not know your own mythos?! How do you sail up to an island occupied by only women and animals and not think ANYTHING? Or a store FILLED WITH FUCKING STONE STATUES and not go "hmm this is ringing bells.....". Or I could just be a huge nerdish nerdy thing who know way too much about myths. Or they could just be stupid as hell.)

    But I am liking reading them. Moving on to the thrid one now. At this pace I'll be finished them all by Christmas.

  • I'm not feeling Christmasy at all. I'm also stuck in this weird limbo of not wanting to go home ever, but not wanting to stay away anymore. I really miss my friends. /sigh

  • I've been designing my closet. It's going to be pretty glorious when I finish it.

  • I'm getting my license when I get back to Toronto. Can't wait. I think this will help me feel less trapped.

Beam him uuuuup
Tron Legacy!

Fucking loooooved it. But I laughed my ass off for at least 60% of the movie. I really couldn't help it. The original had me laughing uncontrollably and this one did too. (Between the fucking purring noise and the Daft head bobbing and David Bowie and THE FACE I didn't stand a chance.)

Wow costume design. The suits blew me away. And the art direction, some of the shots at the beginning were just amazing.

AND THE SOUNDTRACK. I'm going to download it now.

(Ughh I have to add this so that I NEVER FORGET but gaaahhhhhh way to miss that opportunity, Disney!! You had him take off his shirt in the middle of the conversation with Alan, JUST LIKE THE FIRST ONE. So whyyyyyyy couldn't he have taken it off the same BAMF way. I am disappoint, really I am.)

I'm going to see it in IMAX in 2 weeks when I get back home. (woo leaving tomorrow. I can't waaait. I love trains.)
12.19.10(no subject)
Beam him uuuuup
Folding laundryyyy. At 6 ammmmm. Cause sleep is for the weeeeeak.

MERLIN/GWAINE IS MY OTP. Gwen can HAVE Arthur. Merlin's found someone betterrrr.
Beam him uuuuup
  • I just finished reading Havemercy. Teared up like a bitch. Why do my favourite characters always. die.
  • I'm finally out of library books. I'll have pick up Brave New World again when I get back in 2-3 weeks since I couldn't renew it and everything has to go back tomorrow. But I'll be picking up The Darjeeling Limited♥ to watch on Friday while I do some serious cleaning and serious laundry so that I'll have stuff to bring to Montreal on Monday.
  • I'm going to be taking Pliny the Kobo with me to my grandparents. I wonder if The Musketeers is on there... I will finally read Percy Jackson, and understand the references in all that Percy/Nico slash fic I've been reading :D
  • One more day. 2 more assignments. I'll be home by 4. And in bed by 4:03.
  • What's a good price to sell a $90 textbook for? $40? $60? I do need the cash but I really just want to get rid of it.
  • Excuse me, I have an essay to write.
Beam him uuuuup
the school weight is gone.

i failed a shitty class (c'est la vie, i'll retake it in the summer. I failed because i was being choked by the course load, not because of my skill so I know that i will be able to pass it.)

3 days left of school. An exam tomorrow, a test and an in-class assignment on Wednesday and a pair of pants and a super short reflection essay due Thursday.

Then it's rest reading and laundry, rest and sewing (and oh lord my hair needs to be done i haven't washed it in fucking three weeks, or has it been four, either way ugh fucking. school.) , B's birthday and then off to Montreal, on Monday, for Christmas and New Years. (fuck. YES. My mother is driving me insane. I can't wait to get out of here.)

So I am feeling much better.

(I was at school until 11:30pm tonight drafting (My class ended at 2). Joy. Really. I love drafting, and am murdering that class. But now I'm tired, but can't sleep because my body is like '..but...you just got hoooome'.)
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