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nothing lasts forever;
but shakespeare and the beatles
death by ennui 
Beam him uuuuup
Highlight of my day: having the VIArail guy who was booking my trip home read my email back to me in the NATO alphabet.

Moral of the story: I love my father, but he and his wife are way too boring for my life. I can't sit and do nothing for a week. At least my grands have an excuse for not taking me out. (The driver had a valve replacement done in October, he's doing so awesomely, but has trouble breathing in cold air. Plus they have a basement and a backyard and doooo things. I can help people cook or clean, or just listen to old stories.

The moral of the rant: I'd rather vacation with my maternal grandparents than my dad.)

(Also: if I posted an entry proclaiming my love for the Percy Jackson series, how many of you would roll your eyes and laugh at me behind my back?)
12.30.10 (UTC)
LOL NATO alphabet.

ALSO I would never laugh at you behind your back. Ever. read: DO IIIT.
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