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nothing lasts forever;
but shakespeare and the beatles
Beam him uuuuup
Just thought you'd all like to know that Elton John having children is a direct attack on my father and his wife.

If I have to hear one more fucking comment about how messed up that child is going to be, or how they're going to be ridiculed in school or about how money can buy anything nowadays, I'm going to brain myself with my netbook.

He also kisses his teeth at 'Happy Holidays' because it's Merry Christmas!! And who the fuck is Mother Nature?! Why are they always talking about her on the news. Why can't they just say God or Jesus?!

And every good person is a Christian, obviously.

someone please save me.
12.31.10 (UTC)
COME HERE MY FAMILY IS HAPPILY NON-RELIGIOUS. I mean okay sometimes Dad bitches about how we can talk about Jews or Muslims but not Christians and sometimes he bitches about how white people get no respect but at least EVERYONE HERE LIKES ROCKET MAN.

12.31.10 (UTC)
12.31.10 (UTC)
euuuugh, i know that song and dance all too well.
12.31.10 (UTC)
I always forget how bad he is until I'm here. /le sigh
12.31.10 (UTC)
Oh, lord. ... oops. ;p
*whisks you away*
12.31.10 (UTC)
All I can say is thank GOD for headphones and Queen. ;)
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