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nothing lasts forever;
but shakespeare and the beatles
Screw you, I'm a Virgo. 
Beam him uuuuup
Screw you, I'm a Virgo.
01.14.11 (UTC)

(This Sag/Cap cusp with everything else in her chart in Virgo approves.)
01.14.11 (UTC)
See, I'm Leo regardless. fuck yeahh, overdone cat symbolism!
01.14.11 (UTC)
The changes only affect people born after November 2009. I think you're safe. :)
01.14.11 (UTC)
Wooooo. that's good to know! :)

(How arrrre you!? I feel like we haven't spoken in agees!)
01.15.11 (UTC)
I know! I'm goood! How are you? Did you have a good break?
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